Lauren Chen Repeatedly Promoted The ‘Replacement’ Conspiracy That Motivated The El Paso Shooting, And Three Others

Matthew Dimitri
4 min readNov 19, 2019

Lauren Chen: “this whole idea of different races and cultures living together, side-by-side, its not really been tried before.”

Lauren Chen is a Canadian YouTuber, hosting a show on the Wilk brother-funded Blaze network called “pseudo-intellectual with Lauren Chen.”

She once went by the alias Roaming Millennial — her name change perhaps intended to distance herself from the alt-right. This is contradicted by the routinely bigoted and anti-gay, anti-transgender comments made on Chen’s show.

She’s regularly promoted the baseless “so-called ‘great replacement’ theory, that liberals and Jews are purposefully bringing in non-white immigrants in order to demographically “replace” white, non-Jewish citizens. The theory has sparked similar terrorist acts in Pittsburgh, Poway, and New Zealand,” as Angry White Men reported.


Lauren Chen absurdly claimed “this whole idea of different races and cultures living together, side-by-side, its not really been tried before.” [10/18/19]

Lauren Chen: “People like Black Lives Matter are so racially motivated, (…) and the alt-right is kind of a reaction to that double standard.” [11/18/19]

Lauren Chen warned of “the dangers of population replacement,” because “if you let in large numbers of any demographic group, they’re way less likely to assimilate — by limiting numbers, we’re increasing the chances of people not coming over and forming cultural ghettos.” [11/18/19]

Lauren Chen pushed the white genocide “replacement” conspiracy, “I definitely don’t want to see whites extinct from the planet at all,” the regressive Left have “active efforts to try and discourage white people from having children, to try and encourage population replacement.” [11/18/19]

Lauren Chen promoted the white genocide conspiracy: “If you’re first response to someone actually suggesting that we round-up all the white people and banish them off into space is ‘but wouldn’t the white people just colonize other planets?’ You might be an asshole.” [11/4/19]

Apparently, resenting the way history happened, Lauren Chen tweeted back at Michael Moore’s tweet angrily: “Cheering the downfall of white people is EXACTLY how we ended up in the position. Racism doesn’t stop racism. You are part of the problem.” [8/12/17]

Lauren Chen blamed “anti-white rhetoric” for the rise of white nationalists.[11/4/19]

Lauren Chen defended the alt-right to attack WSU Professor: “The alt-right wants an all white country, these people want a black only planet. They are so offended by whiteness, they don’t even want to share a planet with white people.” [11/4/19]

Lauren Chen reiterated the white genocide conspiracy and defended an outed white supremacist at WSU college while stoking racial grievances:[11/4/19]

Lauren Chen called out diversity represented in movie trilogies, like Star Wars: “You can’t blame fans for not being happy when you change key components of the movie or series they liked- that’s not being anti-diversity, that’s just being anti-hey this isn’t the same thing that I liked, that you’re trying to sell me…” [11/17/19]

Lauren Chen told YouTuber Contrapoints, in a tweet still up: “No one, Richard Spencer included is advocating people be killed. Calm down.” [5/3/17]

That didn’t age well. Angry White Men reported:

(From the November 6, 2019 edition of Angry White Men)

Anti-LGBTQ Extremism:

Lauren Chen referred to non-binary people, with the hateful term “transtrenders.” [11/18/19]

Lauren Chen: Denying how trans people self-identify “is not the same thing as denying someone’s humanity.” [10/31/19]


After Red State published revenge porn of Katie Hill, Lauren Chen grossly compared Katie Hill to Kevin Spacey. [11/10/19]

Anti-Semitic Extremism:

Lauren Chen denied a popular meme’s anti-Semitic connotations: “To me personally, I don’t think the little cartoon guy looks Jewish at all,” and concludes that, “a coomer is a degenerate who is beholden to his sexual urges.” [11/12/19]

Lauren Chen wondered which party in Canada is pushing Jew extermination on their platform: “Which party is out there trying to push Jew extermination on their platform?” [10/26/19]

I looked at her YouTube videos over the last few months and found her ideology is steeped in bigotry and Nazi propaganda. It should not come as a shock, since Blaze TV profits and traffics in content focused against the LGBTQ community, stoking its extremist base with perceived white grievances. Here are examples of Lauren Chen’s bigoted, racist, anti-Semitic and sexist commentary: